Installing MongoDB in XAMPP Windows


  • Go to your c:/ drive and create a folder “mongodb
  • Download mongoDB from this link: (the download button is located under “Community Server” tab)
  • Select “Custom” when installing the software


  • Install mongoDB in the following path: c:/mongodb
  • Go to your c:/ drive then create a new folder “data“, inside it create another folder “db
  • Start MongoDB in your command prompt by executing the following command: C:\mongodb\bin\mongod.exe


Congratulations, you have successfully installed MongoDB  in Windows.

Moving on, let us now configure XAMPP

To verify that you have successfully configured mongoDB in XAMPP, create a file in your xampp/htdocs folder, in it put the following code:

<!–?php &lt;br ?–> phpinfo();

Now access this file in your browser. Ex. “localhost/testfile.php”

You should see that MongoDB is already installed:


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