Installing MongoDB in XAMPP Windows   Go to your c:/ drive and create a folder “mongodb“ Download mongoDB from this link: (the download button…

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Cakephp Multiple languages   Multiple languages in a CakePHP 2.* application in 5 steps  

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How to merge / concatenate mp3s with PHP   One of the new features of my anti-spam plugin is the ability to create auto-generated mp3 files. The plugin concatenates individual…

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php Getting webpage content

There are so far 6 ways of Getting webpage content (full HTML) in PHP are most commonly used. The methods…

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Build HTML Tables From MySQL Tables with PHP



The first step in the process is accessing all of the tables…

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Using SOAP in PHP

This document assumes knowledge of PHP and that you know what SOAP is. If you do not know what SOAP…

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ساخت soap API در PHP

در این آموزش قصد داریم روشی را آموزش دهیم تا بتوانید به وسیله ی آن مقدار زیادی محتوا را در…

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