Android download and save image internally

۱٫ Before downloading the image, let’s write a method for saving bitmap into an image file in the internal storage in android. It needs a context, better to use the pass in the application context by getApplicationContext(). This method can be dumped into your Activity class or other util classes.


۲٫ Now we have a method to save bitmap into an image file in andorid, let’s write the AsyncTask for downloading images by url. This private class need to be placed in your Activity class as a subclass. After the image is downloaded, in the onPostExecute method, it calls the saveImage method defined above to save the image. Note, the image name is hardcoded as “my_image.png”.


۳٫ The AsyncTask for downloading the image is defined, but we need to execute it in order to run that AsyncTask. To do so, write this line in your onCreate method in your Activity class, or in an onClick method of a button or other places you see fit.

۴٫ After the image is downloaded, we need a way to load the image bitmap from the internal storage, so we can use it. Let’s write the method for loading the image bitmap. This method takes two paramethers, a context and an image file name, without the full path, the context.openFileInput(imageName) will look up the file at the save directory when this file name was saved in the above saveImage method.


۵٫ Now we have everything we needed for setting the image of an ImageView or any other Views that you like to use the image on. When we save the image, we hardcoded the image name as “my_image.jpeg”, now we can pass this image name to the above loadImageBitmap method to get the bitmap and set it to an ImageView.


۶٫ To get the image full path by image name.


۷٫ Check if the image file exists.


۸٫ To delete the image file.


۹٫ The image should be saved in /data/data/, check this post for accessing this directory from your device.

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