How to Create Multiple Tabs In a Single Screen Using Android Tab Layout

In Android tab layout, there is a new element introduced in Design Support Library. Basically it provides horizontal layouts to display Android tabs on the screen. Using Android tab layout, we can display more than one screen in a single screen.

What is Android Tab Layout?

Android Tab Layout is basically a view class required to be added into the layout of our app to create sliding tabs.

However, you can create sliding as well as non-sliding tabs by using Android tablayout. If you want to add Android tabs without sliding, then replace the layout with the fragment on tab selected listener event. And, if you want to add sliding tabs, then use ViewPager.

In this Android tab layout tutorial, we’ll see how to add Android tabs with sliding using ViewPager.

Let’s Get Started

Create a new project “Android TabLayout”.


Select targeted Android device.


Add an activity to mobile => Select Empty Activity.


Customize the activity.


Create Java class name “ViewPagerAdapter”






And done!

Once you successfully implement this code, you can easily add Android tabs in your application.
Although, if an app is complex with large amount of contents added dynamically, then tab layout integration becomes bit difficult so if you’re not completely aware with it, you can consult with Android app development company to add Android tabs in your Android app work correctly.

Get a free copy of Tab Layout in Android Demo from Github.

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